About the Iconix

About The Iconix

The Iconix at the Old Dog Tavern
The Iconix at the Old Dog Tavern

Calling all party people, music lovers, and event planners in Kalamazoo,  and throughout Southwest Michigan! Buckle up for an unforgettable musical experience with The Iconix, your one-stop shop for live music that ignites indoor and outdoor celebrations.

The Iconix: More than just a band, we're a dynamic 6-piece ensemble breathing new life into classic hits that span generations. From Motown grooves and soulful R&B to smooth yacht rock and infectious pop, our extensive repertoire guarantees a night of pure musical enjoyment for all ages.

What makes us unique?

  • Timeless Music, Reimagined: We don't just play the classics; we reinvigorate them with our unique blend of talent and stage presence.
  • Bridging the Generational Gap: Our setlist features iconic hits from legendary artists, ensuring everyone can sing along and dance the night away.
  • Seasoned Professionals: Each member is a well-known musician in West Michigan, bringing a deep connection and passion to every song performed.
  • Unforgettable Performances: We don't just play, we entertain. The Iconix creates a fun and energetic atmosphere that keeps audiences engaged from the first note to the last.

Summer 2024 is here, and The Iconix is Kalamazoo's soundtrack for the season! We offer both small band and large band options, perfectly suited for intimate gatherings, lively parties, or vibrant outdoor events.

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Let The Iconix be the soundtrack to your unforgettable summer in Kalamazoo!

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Julie BrownJulie Brown’s singing career began as a child during playtime, when she would line up her Fisher Price toy people as a band, having them play imaginary instruments while she was the lead singer, belting out the Motown, pop, soft rock and classic country she grew up on in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Encouraged by her Loy Norrix High School choir director, she began to study voice professionally, paying for lessons herself. As a freshman at Western Michigan University, she joined the Gold Company vocal jazz program. Other musical pursuits included starting a Christian band called In Not Of (which broke up when the lead guitarist moved to Florida), directing the worship team at her church, acting and singing in musicals in local theatre, and sitting in with other bands.

“I always wanted to be in my own band, but with a family and a busy career, it seemed like something that would never happen. Until it did,” she said. That’s when she approached guitarist and vocalist Jim Evans about accompanying her. Next to join up was husband Tim, a drummer and vocalist, who has a hard time telling Julie no, she reports. Guitarist, drummer and vocalist Bob Withee offered to learn how to play the bass. Dave Stevens, keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist, at first said no to joining the band - and then he said yes. And last but not least, bringing all the percussion necessary for a ‘70s sound, was Jeff Davis to round out the band’s 6-piece membership. The Iconix was born. It wasn't just a band; it was a gathering of like-minded music lovers, each bringing their decades of experience and passion for music of the same era.

Julie isn't one to brag about any of her show-stopping performances, but her most cherished performances that fans love? Belting out Break It to Me Gently or Shallow, where she can reveal her 3-octave range, or grooving to Motown faves like Ooh Child and I’ll Be Around, or going into the Yacht Rock time machine with pop-rock hits like Still the One and China Grove. But her favorite part of being in a band? When she gets to harmonize with all the guys. “I would say this is one of the things we’re known for – how we can all sing,” she says. 

While she cherishes her vintage 1963 Gibson acoustic, the most valuable instrument Julie possesses is her voice. It's a gift she cultivates, a gift she uses to spread joy, and a gift she's thankful for. Music, she believes, is a universal language, a gift from God meant to be enjoyed.

Beyond the stage, Julie's life is filled with family – husband Tim of course and their three grown sons (two of whom are married) and two grandchildren. When it's time for a break, she seeks solace in the beauty of Upper Michigan, particularly the charm of Mackinac Island. 

Julie Brown is The Iconix's soul sister, a testament to the power of dedication and the joy of sharing the music you love.

Tim BrownTim Brown brings a lifetime of musical passion to The Iconix. 

Tim's musical journey began at the tender age of five, mimicking The Beatles in a band called "The Littles." The act was toddlers pretending to be a band playing real instruments but not touching them while a record of The Beatles music played. The Littles mimicked what they thought it would be like to play in a band. Tim’s older brother really could play music and organized the stunt as a fill in between sets for his band. Of course the crowd loved it. and we all fell in love with the idea of playing in a band. 

Steely Dan's "Peg," The 5 Stairsteps' "Ooh Child," and War's "All Day Music" make his dream setlist. He fondly remembers a heartwarming performance for Wings of God, a nonprofit for women. His favorite song to play live is "Still the One" by Orleans, not just for its infectious energy but also because it lets him showcase his skills on the keyboard. 

While Ella Fitzgerald reigns supreme in his pantheon, Tim acknowledges the legendary Frank Sinatra and finds joy connecting with audiences who share The Iconix's love for music. He considers them the best band he's ever played with, cherishing his bandmates like family and truly believes The iconix is the best band he’s ever been in. Period.

His 1971 Ludwig Standard kit (mahogany shells) is a cherished Christmas gift from 1972. It features a 20" kick drum, 12" & 13" rack toms, 14" floor tom, Zildjian cymbals (1970 22" ride, 16" & 17" crashes, 14" hi-hats), Evans heads, Remo snare head, vintage Yamaha pedal, Beyer mic, and a Meinl 14" timbali. I use light Meinl hickory sticks for an authentic 70's sound.

One of Tim's most cherished performances was a collaboration with the Kalamazoo College Orchestra at Miller Auditorium. He relishes the power of large ensembles, which is why he also enjoys performing with Lamb of God at Miller Auditorium every spring.

Tim is married to the band's lead singer, Julie, and music fills their lives. They've instilled a love for music in their three sons, Josh, Keegan, and Evan, creating a joyful soundtrack to their childhood. Family vacations revolve around Petoskey, MI, where they enjoy the beauty of the state and the spectacular fireworks displays or Mackinac Island.

Tim and Julie's company, TBA Incorporated, keeps them in the music industry. Tim embodies The Iconix's spirit - a passionate musician with a heart full of music, ready to share it with the world.

Bob Withee, or "Bobby Guitar" as his friends know him, has been a mainstay of the local music scene for over four decades. A jack-of-all-trades musician, he's played bass, guitar, and even sung vocals for several bands and music events throughout the Kalamazoo region and along the West Michigan corridor.

It all started at 14 when he began drumming under the guidance of Kim Wallace. He also honed his vocal skills, singing tenor in his Presbyterian church choir for many years. But at 17, the guitar stole his heart. From that moment on, Bob's life became a patchwork of bands (secular and church praise bands), and various playing engagements.

His current weapon of choice is a Fender Jazz bass, a prized possession he acquired from his good friend Crispin Bocanegra. But there's one instrument that holds a special place in his collection - a vintage 1967 Gibson SG, a true Kalamazoo legend itself, that plays "like butter" according to Bob.

Bob really enjoys the camaraderie of The Iconix. Their shared values create a cohesive unit, making the music “fun to play when you’re doing it with people you love.” Bob considers the band a gift and stresses the importance of strong vocals, which he believes is a clear strength of theirs, and a point of differentiation from other bands on the circuit.

Picking a dream setlist is a challenge, but a few stand out: “You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling” lets the whole band shine, with a special nod to the powerful vocals and guitar solo. “Every Breath You Take” and “Pride (In the Name of Love),” a near-duet with bandmate Julie, while “Peg” and “Still the One” showcase the collective talent of The Iconix.

Beyond music, Bob has a beautiful family life. He's a devoted husband to his wife Deb, a proud father of two sons, and a doting grandfather to four "of the most wonderful grandchildren the planet has ever seen," as he declares. One of his favorite vacations was a trip down the majestic Pacific coast highway in Oregon – a location he hopes to return to someday.

Bob Withee, the man, the musician, the family man - a West Michigan native who has enriched countless lives with his music and passion.

"On keyboard, guitar, and vocals, Dave Stevens enjoys helping The Iconix create awesome musical experiences that audiences love to hear."

He wasn't always a frontman. His musical journey began at the tender age of 4, learning piano from his accomplished pianist mother. But his calling, he believes, was to be part of a band. And that call came, leading him to the incredible experience of playing with The Iconix.

The band is a haven for talented musicians who share a love for God. David himself is drawn to the uplifting presence in Planetshakers' music, and that uplifting spirit shines through in The Iconix's performances. For David, the best part is the collaboration, bringing out the best in each other and blending their talents into a cohesive sound.

Their sound is built on David's Fender Stratocaster guitar, backed by a Yamaha keyboard and a Fender Blues amp. But the true magic lies in the years of experience each member brings. David himself has a special connection to his 39-year-old Alvarez-Yari 12 String, one of the many instruments he's mastered throughout his musical career.

While David enjoys a variety of music, from Steely Dan's iconic blend to Peter Frampton's soulful tunes, his heart belongs to The Iconix. There, he gets to explore a variety of roles. In "Still the One," he trades licks with another guitarist, his electric guitar weaving around Jim's smooth leads. In "Baby I Love Your Way," his fingers dance across the keyboard, building the foundation for Bob's soaring vocals. And in "Sweet Caroline," he lays down the perfect keyboard bed for Tim's captivating performance.

But music isn't his only passion. When he's not creating a joyful noise, he inspects medical equipment, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to heal. He also shares his life with his wife and their 4 children, their favorite vacation spot being the idyllic Kauai in Hawaii. They even have a furry friend, a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd named Jubilee who stole David's heart.

One of his most memorable gigs involved playing for a party on West Lake, the sound of music floating across the water as dogs wandered through their set and the audience cheered from their boats. It's a testament to the joy The Iconix brings, a joy that David is proud to be a part of.

JimJim Evans wasn't always the seasoned guitarist gracing The Iconix stage. His musical journey began at 14, a self-taught teenager strumming along with his first love - a 1960s Gibson ES 330, a treasured companion that remains by his side today.

While life took him down a different path for a while, music never left his heart. It wasn't until later, at the age of 58, that he rekindled his passion, seeking formal lessons to hone his skills. This newfound dedication led him to The Iconix, a band that wasn't just about music, but about a shared love for God and the joy of creating a groove together.

Jim's sound is a blend of classic and modern. His custom-built electric guitar from Traverse City Guitar Company sings with a voice all its own, backed by the power of a Line 6 HELIX Amp Modeler. But for those soulful moments, Jim reaches for his trusty 700 series Taylor Acoustic, its warm tones filling the air.

Jim lights up the stage with every song, but a twangy solo riff in "Stray Cat Strut" lets him unleash his inner rocker, while Steely Dan's complex harmonies resonate on a deeper level. But his true joy comes from channeling his inner Carlos Santana in "Game of Love," or rocking out on lead guitar during the electrifying ending of "You've Lost that Loving Feeling."

His dream setlist is a testament to his passion – a chance to recreate the iconic guitar part played by the legendary Jay Graydon in "Peg," alongside The Iconix's spot-on vocals. It's a celebration of musicianship, a testament to the power of collaboration.

Beyond the stage, a strong family unit provides James "Jim" Evans with unwavering support.  Jim has deep roots in the Kalamazoo area currently having four generations of family residing in the area including his parents, sister’s family, and son’s family including two grandsons.  His daughter’s family including a newborn grandson is in Tucson and gets frequent visits from Jim and Jenny.  While music undeniably remains his central   creative outlet, Jim and Jenny love visiting Traverse City and spending balmy winters in Naples.

Jim's most treasured experiences are undeniably intertwined with The Iconix's journey. The annual West Lake gathering forever holds a special place in his memory, brimming with the shared joy of music among friends. However, a recent sold-out performance at Old Dog Tavern stands out for its electrifying energy, effectively channeling the audience's enthusiasm directly into the band's performance.

After a distinguished 32-year career as a VP of R&D for Stryker , Jim finds renewed purpose with The Iconix. Here, talent and faith combine to create a truly special sound: music that uplifts and unites.

The backbeat of The Iconix, Jeff Davis, brings a deep love for music to the band. Raised in a musical household, picking up the drums felt natural, and Jeff has been playing for over 50 years. His first kit ignited a passion that continues to this day. He vividly remembers the excitement of that first instrument, the thrill of creating his own rhythms and exploring the world of percussion.

Chicago, "America's Premier Rock-n-Roll Band, with horns!," serves as a constant source of inspiration to Jeff. Their blend of rock and roll with rich horn sections resonates deeply, however, it's the camaraderie and shared passion that truly fuels his love for music. Creating good music with lifelong friends (like those in The Iconix band) brings him immense satisfaction. This love of collaboration translates to his favorite part of being in a band: taking individual parts and weaving them together to create a beautiful piece of music. It's a testament to the power of unity, when each musician can contribute their unique voice to a harmonious whole.

One song that exemplifies this collaborative spirit is The Iconix’s cover of the Spinners' "I'll Be Around." Jeff especially enjoys the classic Philadelphia soul vibe and the challenge of recreating Larry Washington's iconic conga track. He dives into the history of the song, appreciating the original while putting his own spin on it. His current setup – LP congas and bongos, Gibraltar hardware, Ziljian cymbals, Treeworks bar chimes, and Ludwig drums – allows him to bring these classic sounds to life, faithfully capturing the energy of the originals while adding a touch of The Iconix's magic.

Jeff is a family man with two daughters and four grandchildren. He cherishes spending time with them, creating new memories that will become the soundtrack of their lives. His favorite vacation spot is Puerto Vallarta, offering a welcome escape with sunshine and relaxation. Music, however (especially percussion!), remains a constant thread throughout his life. He even named his Morkie Tyrone Davis after a favorite Chicago R&B singer! 

When he's not playing drums, Jeff puts his financial expertise to work, running a boutique investment management firm. This balance between creative passion and financial responsibility allows him to pursue his musical dreams while providing for his loved ones.

Jeff Davis embodies the spirit of The Iconix. He is a dedicated musician, a lifelong learner, and a cherished friend. His passion for music, and particularly percussion, is infectious, and his dedication to his craft is an inspiration to all who know him.

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