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About The Iconix (Band Bio)

The Iconix is a dynamic 6-piece band that breathes new life into classic iconic hits, from Motown and R&B to yacht rock and pop. With a passion for timeless music, each member brings a unique blend of talent and energy to the stage, creating a sound that resonates with audiences of all ages.

The Iconix is more than just a cover band, however. They are musical entertainers who generate a fun atmosphere wherever they play. Their setlist features favorite hits from legendary artists, bridging the gap between generations and ensuring a night of pure musical enjoyment.

This talented ensemble boasts a lineup of seasoned musicians, well-known throughout West Michigan, each with a deep connection to the songs they perform. The Iconix’s commitment to capturing the essence of each song keeps audiences singing and dancing along. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of the originals or a newcomer to these classic tunes, The Iconix invites you to join them on a journey through the decades, where musical nostalgia meets contemporary celebration.

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Lead singer Julie Brown is a seasoned vocalist/speaker/voiceover/actress with experience in a wide variety of venues. Julie brings an explosion of energy to the stage with her original takes on classic hits.

Tim Brown (drums/keys/vocals) has a background in musical theater, live performance, music production, and sound.

Jeff Davis (Percussion/Drums) was a touring drummer for major acts and has continued to play with multiple professional artists.

Guitarist and vocalist Jim Evans dazzles audiences with authentic riffs that bring “iconic” songs to life (remember Peg by Steely Dan, China Grove by the Doobie Brothers, for example?).

Bouncing between the keyboard and guitars, Dave Stevens is an experienced touring and recording artist with amazing vocal abilities.

Known as “Bobby Guitar” to audiences across West Michigan, Bob Withee (Bass, Guitars, Vocals) has performed with several bands and made guest appearances over 40+ years in the Jackson/Kalamazoo/West Michigan corridor.

Performance Packages

The Iconix have played in every kind of venue, from bars to ballparks.

Standard 6-Piece

The Iconix will typically play 50-minute sets.

  • 1, 2, or 3 sets
  • Our sound system or yours
  • Available May through December

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Standard 7-Piece

For larger venues, consider booking the band with a special guest artist (saxophone).

  • 1 set with saxophonist
  • Our sound system or yours
  • Dates based on availability

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Acoustic Iconix

Book 3 or 4 Iconix for an acoustic version of the great retro songs audiences love.

  • Acoustic guitar, keys, vocalist
  • Based on the venue size
  • Flexible 1, 2, or 3 sets

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Co-promotion Opportunities

The Iconix is a band with a following. To boost attendance at your event, we will be glad to co-promote and cross-promote. This includes:

  • Facebook Event co-promotion
  • Website promotion (
  • Shout-out reels and paid ads on Facebook and Instagram


Call Julie at (269) 217-1988.